Why Ceylon Tea is Special?

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is known to the whole world for its Tea because of its unique flavor, aroma & color which can not be found elsewhere! The humidity, cool temperature, sunshine & rainfall (two monsoons) in the country’s central & southern highlands are conducive to the manufacture of unique quality teas.

Tea grades

Most factories in Sri Lanka produce tea by the time tested orthodox manufacturing process. This results in a variety of leaf sizes being produced, which are sorted into different styles by sifting. Consequently, these ranges from the large leafy teas such as Orange Pekoe down to semi leafy types such as Flowery Pekoes and the standard BOP, BOP Fanning and Dust grades. In addition there are exciting innovations, such as the hand plucking of the bud (instead of the traditional two leaves and a bud) from the selected tea bushes, and its specialized preparation to manufacture the much sought after Golden Tips and Silver Tips, the acme grades of Ceylon Tea.


Camellia Sinensis
All teas, black and green, come from this same plant.


Green Leaf to Black Tea
4.5 Kilos of green leaf is rolled, oxidized and baked to make 1 kilo of black tea.


Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
A semi-leaf tea with some tip. Has a mellow flavoury cup.


Broken Orange Pekoe 1
A well twisted semi-leaf tea generally from the low country, with a mild malty taste.

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